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08 May

JBeatz To Release His Own Album

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Jbeatz Flyer Promo Jbeatz Flyer Promo Graphic Resided By HaitiLiveRadio

Very popular Haitian music producer, JBeatz, has long track record producing hit songs and albums for many famous Haitian artists. However, very few people knew hi was working on producing his own album.

During a recent conversation with JBeatz, He has informed us that he is indeed working on releasing his own album. He even submitted  to us the official promo flyer ofr the album. based upon our conversation we can report that the album will be released on July 26th 2011. It will have 14 tracks on it including an intro and the hit single "Fanm Pa m' Nan"

He will rely on the participation of many notorious Haitian artists many of whom he has worked for before; Including Alan Cave, Kenny Desmangles , Top Adlerman and many more.

The album will be titled "Our Own world"




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